Our Projects

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Maya World Parks and Resorts

Conceived as a dream in 2013, “MAYA WORLD parks and resorts”, of which the concept is based on a true

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Mayne Group Real Estate and Contracting

Mayne Group is a multitasking real estate development and construction company based in Jounieh, Lebanon. It offers multiple services related

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Golden Gulf Hotel

Located in Jounieh with a mountain and panoramic sea view, the Golden Gulf Hotel has started as a business family.

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My Secret – Women’s Beauty Salon

Whether you want to get a simple classic hair cut or a personalized look from stylists, “My secret” is the

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Barber Corner Men Salon

Barber corner is an upscale full-service barber shop exclusively for men. It offers the clients a gentleman’s club atmosphere and

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Falafel Karim Food & Beverage

Food is the only universal way that really has the power to bring everyone together. Falafel Karim is a restaurant

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Mayor Pub

Located in The Village, Dbayeh, Mayor Pub is a cocktail bar where you can share good food, fresh drinks and

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Pascal Tepper French Bakery Franchise

Pascal Tepper French Bakery is a dine-in cafe that brings a contemporary take on the traditional French dine-in bakery, with

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Les Malins French brasserie

“Les Malins”, a contemporary brasserie located in Verdun and Hazmiyeh, delivers a new take on the French cuisine and brings

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On Board Travel Agency

ON BOARD Travel and Tourism agency has been serving travelers in Lebanon since 2011 with a commitment to the highest

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Bambouche Toys & Baby Gallery

BAMBOUCHE is a colorful, modern, occasional and fascinating shop where all kind of toys and baby equipment can be found.

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Golden G Car Rental

In 1999, after years of hard and perseverant work, I became a business man who purchased and leased luxurious vehicles.

At the age of 15, Bachir took over the family business by managing the Golden Gulf Hotel. After 4 years of perseverance and hard work, he purchased and leased luxurious vehicles. That’s how he started his first established business called the Golden Gulf Cars. In 2004, he launched Mayne Group Real Estate and Contracting, which was the beginning of his current career path. Bachir also succeeded in owning and co-owning several entities in the Retail, Hospitality, and Food & Beverage industries in Lebanon and Qatar. That is how MAYA WORLD Parks & Resorts turned from a dream to reality in 2022. All of this is being accomplished under the name of his biggest company B Mayne Group. B Mayne Group is a holding company founded by Bachir Mayne. Through its various constituent companies, it takes interests in Real Estate development, contracting and hospitality. It holds the “Mayne Group Real estate development & contracting”, “The Golden Gulf Hotel” and the “On Board Travel Agency”. It also invests in “Food & beverage” and its entities owns “Les Malins French brasserie”, “Mayor Pub”, “Pascal Tepper French bakery” and “Falafel Karim Food & Beverage”. Retail operations also include other services. Therefore, it owns “My secret” women’s beauty salon “Barber corner” men’s salon, the “Golden G car rental” as well as “Bambouche toys and Baby gallery”. The B Mayne Group has extended its interests in launching a complex called “MAYA WORLD Parks & Resorts” in summer 2022.

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