Mayne Group Real Estate and Contracting

Mayne Group is a multitasking real estate development and construction company based in Jounieh, Lebanon. It offers multiple services related to the fields of real estate, engineering, contracting, landscaping, interior design, legal substances, brokerage and graphic design. The company provides the highest standards of excellence of its services and products through its
professional consulting businesses. As a values-driven company, it offers great affordable prices, contributes positively in our community/environment, and creates happiness by providing comfort and achievement.The company’s construction activities involve in the processes of renovation, building construction, residential construction, commercial site construction and much more…
Mayne Group’s operations are not only limited to the local market but also in the Arab and other international countries.
Mayne Group distinguishes itself with its competitive advantages in the beliefs it encompasses regarding values, teamwork, customer satisfaction, customer service while maintaining a strict follow-up on its Specific-Measurable-Accurate-Realistic-Time-frame goals.

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