Maya World Parks and Resorts

Conceived as a dream in 2013, “MAYA WORLD parks and resorts”, of which the concept is based on a true story, is finally built by the “BM Group International” in 2022.
The resort is located in Keserwan on a 500000m2 green land with a mountain and a panoramic sea view with just 35 km away from the Beirut airport. This amazing location allows “MAYA WORLD PARKS & RESORTS ” to become the future number one destination in the entertainment business where families can have an amazing experience like never before.
Our queen will wear her green diamond in order to open the activity farm section on October, 2023 and will continuously open each diamond till year 2028. The main purpose of the resort is to attract as many visitors as possible from all over the world in order to improve Lebanon’s economical and financial situation especially the tourism industry.
Free entrance will be offered to special needs persons, free rental outlets will be provided for everyone with special rides especially designed for them.
“MAYA PARKS & RESORTS” will take form of 9 themed worlds including special characters and parades. Each world will be taking you on a wonderful journey back to our Phoenician ancestors, passing through our heritage and ending up with a futuristic Lebanon.

The castle old souk: Event venue, royal accommodation.
Camp M: Adventure park,campground.
Phoenicia the lost kingdom : Oceanarium, waterpark, bungalows.
My mansion: Outlet village,hotel & spa.
Bebe M: Recreational activities,luxury lodges.
Day3te: Lebanese village, guest houses.
Baby Maya: Activity farm, petting zoo, farmhouses.
Maya’s wonderland: Themed park, resort
M9 district: Shopping ,dining ,entertainment ,furnished apartments.

In God we trust, we will make it happen!

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